Mehndi – Enjoy it, Don’t Make it a Nightmare!

By Fatma Mehendi & Beauty Salon

Mehndi is to enjoy and not to suffer. Mehndi night should be memorable and not a nightmare. As festivals like Eid, Navratri, Karwa Chauth and Diwali are happening, I believe everyone is eagerly waiting to get their mehndi done on these festivals.

I can understand being busy in today’s world, we don’t get enough time to spend for ourselves and hence many clients are interested to know if we, henna artists, have any henna that gives dark and fast colour result without leaving it for long hours.

There are such kinds of henna, called “instant henna” and “black henna,” which you do not have to leave on your skin for long time and they give colour right away. These might be attractive and tempting to get. Lot of people do not know what is black henna made of. Let me tell you, it is nothing but complete drug store hair dye, which contains PPD, a dangerous chemical used in these hair dyes. I, being a hairdresser as well, try to educate our clients to stay away from those drug store hair dyes because it may not only cause scalp problems, but many more other problems like skin sensitivity, scalp irritation and allergies; also might effect on eye sight and hearing power. So imagine, how dangerous it could be to use it on your skin? Getting this fast and dark colour in no time…on what cost?? Irritation, scar leaving on skin, burns, poison spreading and skin sensitivity??

Yes, all these types of henna come under a category called chemical henna, which in fact is mixed with more chemicals than natural henna or just the chemicals. There are many different types of ready-to-use henna cones available in market, among which some are not harmful but some are dangerous, which do not smell like henna at all but some strong chemicals.

Many henna artists, with and without knowledge about the importance of natural henna, use the chemical ones because they are easily available, no hassle to prepare and cheap in price.

But this season again, it’s my humble request to all the henna artists to stay away from those chemical products which are not safe for our clients. Few extra bucks are not worth more than anyone’s health.

Many henna artists might not know the consequences of chemical henna that they use on their clients because that happens after they leave, but the clients suffer later. Please check on Google for henna encyclopedia for chemical henna and its consequences.

Also I request all our clients wherever you get your henna done, please make sure of what you are getting in return of your money and trust.

Ways to find out if it is a chemical henna
1. Ask your artist herself if she mixes her own recipe.
2. Check the smell. If it smells oils, it’s natural, but if it smells very strong that brings water in your eyes and can’t stand the smell, it’s chemical.
3. It does not dry fast, looks wet all the time, stains black, peels off the whole design and will stain anywhere it falls or sticks.
4. Keeping the same concept of as black henna, there is coloured henna in market, which is called “instant henna.” This henna contains colour granules and other harsh chemicals to give that dark rich instant colour result. This chemical can give you itchiness and then can burn your skin and can leave scars behind forever.
5. It will crumble off like natural henna but will show the darkest colour underneath as soon as the crust is off your skin.
6. Some instant henna types, like black henna, do not dry fast and leave stain wherever they fall and get peeled off.

So once again I request all the mehndi lovers wherever you go, make sure you ask for natural henna. And have a safe and happy henna and happy festivals!!!