It's time for ghosts, goblins... or just candy!

By Char Nair
What is it about this time of the year? Things get spooky, we get the chills over creaks and funny noises. We start hearing voices and seeing things that might not really be there. Oh yes! This is Halloween! Stock up on candy, pick out a spectacular costume, check out some of the hottest events that are going on, or cozy up on the couch with a scary movie! Whatever you're doing this Halloween, make it a fun one! I bet some of you may not even know where Halloween originated from. Let’s take a walk down memory lane; shall we?
Halloween, always celebrated on October 31, is actually the shortened version of All Hallows' Evening, which is also known as All Hallows' Eve and Hallowe'en. Halloween originated from Samhain, known to be a festival of Celtic lands. This festival celebrates the end of the harvest season in the Gaelic culture. The belief back then was that on October 31, the departed (dead) came back on to living ground to cause nuisance. Costumes were worn to mimic evil spirits and bonfires were lit to attract bats — these two things are big symbolizations of Halloween.
Halloween is a North American holiday; however, it has expanded to places, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, other parts of Europe and even some places in Saudi Arabia. Some people enjoy it and others may think it’s not their cup of tea, which is okay as we’re all different and our beliefs are all not the same.
Some traditional things that are done during this time of year include pumpkin carving, trick or treating, dressing up in costumes, watching scary movies, going to Halloween events, listening to scary stories and so forth. So, now that you have a bit of knowledge about where Halloween came from, what are you going to do on this ghoulish night?
Here are some cool Halloween attractions and events going on all around Canada:
Fright Nights at the PNE: If you're 12 or over and want a really good scare, this is the place to be. Lots of haunted house things, rides and more from October 11 to November 2! More info at:
Halloween at FlyOver Canada: Come on board on this creepy awesome flight from October 17 to November 2! More info at:
Dunbar Haunted House: If you really want to be scared, head over to the Dunbar haunted house which will surely have your hair sticking up! More info at:
Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tour: Get on this trolley to see some of the most haunted places and hear about some of the scariest stories of Vancouver, BC! More info at:
Stanley Park Ghost Train: Full of family fun, this train ride throughout Stanley Park is sure to give you some goose bumps! More in at:

Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farm: Come on down and pick out some pumpkins! More info at:


Reapers Haunted Attraction & the Maze of Terror: The longest running and scariest Halloween attraction in Chilliwack. More in at:

Fort Langley

Grave Tales: Historic Walking Tours: Listen to some stories that will be sure to make you get the chills! More info at:


Haunted Mansion: Fractured Fairy Tales! Gruesome retelling of tales that are sure to make you scream! More info at:


Haunted Village at Burnaby Museum: Come, hear spirits haunting, specters creeping and banshees wailing! More info at:


Potter’s Haunted House: Come check out this super scary haunted house that is sure to freak you out completely! More info at:


Wall-O-Lanterns: Cool pumpkin carving, prizes, bouncy castles and much more! More info at:


Halloween Horror Show: A comedy horror show about a newly engaged couple that meets a group of strange individuals. More info at:

Screemers: There will be tons of haunted houses, mazes, monsters, creatures and much more! More info at:

The Haunted Walk: This popular tour will fascinate you as you learn about the darker history and haunting of the city. More info at:


Barrymores Annual Halloween Charity Ball: Put on a costume and come down to the Halloween Ball! More info at:

Creepy Creek Camp: Take a scary walk down a path with live actors, moveable props and other creepy stuff! More info at:

Halloween at Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch: Check out the Halloween magic at these fabulous magic shows! More info at:

Screamfest Haunted House & Freak Show: You’ll run away crying! More info at:

Ghost Tours of Calgary: Ever wondered which parts of Calgary might be haunted? You might be standing there right now. More info at:

Boo at the Zoo sleepover!: Ever wondered how it would be to sleep with the animals? Boo at the Zoo welcomes all ghosts and goblins. More info at:


Hallowe’en Spooktacular: Full of haunted houses, fortune tellers, trick or treating, storytellers and much, much more! More info at:

Haunted Halloween Skate: Dress up and show off your costume on ice! More info at:

Tomb It May Concern: Enjoy some fun arts and crafts, and candy stations throughout the mall! More info at:


A Maze in Corn Haunted Forest: This forest is a maze and it will come to life. More info at:

Fear by Night: Lots of scary haunts! More info at:

Fright at the Fort: Watch as history and horror come to life! More info at:

Remember, these are just some attractions and events. Make sure to check out the others because there are tons of things to do in every city for Halloween! Hope you have a SPOOK-tacular night!