What's your colour?

By Char Nair

As the summer heat hit our city, I started noticing more and more people wearing bright fun colours. But the other day, a friend of mine was wearing all darks colours. I asked her why she wasn't in something bright to go with the breeze of summer and she told me that it was because she was feeling "gloomy." That's when a funny thought crossed my mind, "Do the colours you wear reflect on the mood you are in that day?

On days when I feel great, I'll wear bright colours like corals, yellows and pinks because they make feel lively, and I find I smile more. But on the down days, I do tend to put on the greys and blacks. Do you find you do that too? I decided to do some research to find out a little more on which colours tend to match which mood. I realized that colours make quite a difference in our lives, considering they have extensive power over our emotions. So it was interesting to learn which colours reflect which moods and the meaning behind it. I found a colour chart from the Urban Underglow website and here's what it said:

Reds are for power, strength, excitement, warmth and passion. Red is considered one of the strongest colours and very influential to one's personality. Oranges are for warmth, enthusiasm, stimulation, energy and exuberance. This is a very calm colour, and it brings in great warmth and joyful energy into your day. Yellows are for happiness, stimulation and clear thinking. Yellow is a lively colour spreading happiness everywhere you go, just like when the sun is out and everyone's day feels brighter. Greens are for freshness, coolness, calmness, clarity and growth. Green, in general, is a very healthy sort of colour because we associate it to our eco-friendly environment. This colour makes you look fresh and gives your day life. Blues are calming, tranquillizing and cooling. Wearing blue is like you're in a dream most of the time. This colour keeps you cool and brings out your inner calmness. Baby blues are for intuition and spirituality. This colour talks to your soul and gives off intuitive and good-vibe energy. Purples are for spirituality, pure, mysticism and creativity. Purple brings out the fun side of you and also gives off the pure honest vibe to others around you. Pinks are for tranquilly, sensitivity and love. This colour is also very strong in the sensitive sense. It is an in-love colour, and it also brings out the sensitive and romantic side to someone.

It's amazing how colours can make a difference in how we feel. Some of us are so used to putting on colours that reflect our mood that we don't even notice we're doing it! So here's a fun little challenge for all of you. Depending on your mood, keep a track of which colour you wear and then try to mix it up a bit to see if other colours make you feel any different. It might be fun to be a green on a grey day or a red on a black day!